Chiyoda Electronic (HK) Ltd. is located in Sha Tin District, Hong Kong.
Our Headquarter, Chiyoda Electronic Co. Ltd., located in Akihabara , Tokyo, the world's leading electrical shopping street, it has been established for more than 65 years.
It is the authorized Japanese general agent for the entire series of Panasonic electronic devices, as well as the NKK Switches general agent in Japan. It also distributes indispensable circuit substrates in industrial product manufacturing.
At the same time, it also distributes electronic components of Japanese related brands, such as Cosel Toshiba Hirose and Hong Kong and Taiwan brands.
Our business involves transistors, various electronic and electrical products and control machines, as well as wire assembly.
With the growth of the world economy, in order to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers, our business has gradually covered the entire electronic component industry.
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In this rapidly changing social environment, our company always upholds our original intention and adheres to the business ethics——General Manager Kazuhiko Nakama.