Security PWB

Product classification: Automatic production equipment PCB
Model: M04C22076
Plate: Shengyi s1000h
Plate thickness: 1.6 + / - 0.16mm
Size: 219mm * 157.3mm
Minimum aperture: 0.35mm
Minimum pore copper: 25um
Copper thickness: 35um
Minimum line width: 0.15mm
Minimum line distance: 0.17mm
Surface treatment: gold deposition
End products: automatic production equipment
Special requirements: IPC class III standard

Automotive HDI PWB

Product classification: Automotive PWB
Part Number:GHS10C03890B0
Layer count: 2 stage 10 layer
Board thickness:1.0mm
Raw material:FR4 EM825
Copper thickness on the board surface:≥35um
Copper thickness in the hole barrel:20um
Min. line width/space:0.075mm
Minimum hole diameter:0.1mm
Surface finishing:immersion gold≥1u"
Application:automotive driving recorder

Security network integrated machine board

Product classification: network integrated machine PCB
Model: M06C10417
Number of layers: 6
Plate thickness: 1.6 + / - 0.16mm
Size: 293mm * 99mm
Plate used: table light (EM-825)
Minimum aperture: 0.2mm
Surface treatment: gold deposition
Minimum line width / distance: 0.102mm/0.117mm
Terminal product: security network all in one machine

Thick copper plate

Product classification: Metal Based PWB
Number of layers: 16
Plate: FR4
Plate thickness: 3.60mm
Size: 58.42 * 36.83mm
Minimum aperture: 0.5mm
Surface treatment: gold deposition
Product features: maximum copper thickness 5oz, blind buried hole

Copper core PWB for heavy duty power supply

Product classification:Metal core PWB
Part Number:M01C02479
Layer count: 1
Board thickness:2.0mm
Raw material:copper base
Copper thickness on the board surface:≥70um
Copper thickness in the hole barrel:25um
Min. line width/space:0.22mm
Minimum hole diameter:0.4mm
Surface finishing:immersion gold≥1u"
Application:power supply